Why Aluminum?

Because when designed properly, it’s an amazing material for a race bike. VYNL frames share qualities with some of the best alloy frames ever made. We start with premium quality seamless butted aluminum from a variety of highly regarded sources. Each tube diameter and butting profile is optimized for its specific task. And we work with expert US-based fabricators who do nothing but build high-end bicycle frames all day long, and have been for decades. Basically if there’s a better way to do things, we do that.

Why aren’t there more high-end Aluminum bikes out there?

The early days of high-end aluminum racing bikes were dominated by bonded bikes from Vitus and Alan, which were known for having a mushy ride (but they still won a lot of races). Then bike design wizards like Charlie Cunningham and Gary Klein came up with oversized, thin-wall welded alloy tubing to stiffen up the ride, but they overshot the mark — aluminum bikes went from soft-riding to harsh overnight. Finally. Easton’s pioneering work with taper-walled tubing swept in a new era of aluminum race bike — light, stiff, with a more forgiving and lively ride, and impressive durability. The alloy race bike had finally come into its’ own. Then something weird happened. In the late 90’s, alloy bikes developed oversized, triangulated downtubes that messed up the ride. To make up for it, engineers decided to glue carbon rear triangles on. The resulting bikes were too stiff, too harsh, and too fragile. So when carbon bikes became increasingly mainstream, people flocked to the material. In the process, aluminum bikes got a bad rap, but aluminum is still and always will be a fantastic material for a high performance bike.

Can I get custom geometry?

VYNL Race Bikes come in five different sizes to fit a wide range of riders. At this time, we’re offering limited customization on headtube and seattube lengths only. If you have any questions on sizing, give us a shout and we’ll do our best to sort you out.

Can I get custom paint?

Yes. Yes, yes, and yes. We have a close relationship with a local finisher right here in San Jose, CA, and can work with you to make a VYNL that’s as unique as your impeccable sock game.

What is the wait time?

We work with Frank the Welder on a monthly Purchase Order basis - this means that we send him an order sheet monthly, and then depending on his current build list, he gets us the bikes within 4-12 weeks. We’ll then do a final QC, get it to paint, and ship it to your doorstep.

What if I crash my vynl?

Crashes are a bummer, but they do happen. We’re pretty sure a VYNL will survive anything you’ll throw at it racing wise, but if the unforeseeable happens with a suicidal squirrel or an SUV, you can get a replacement VYNL at a discounted price and back riding again ASAP.

HOw would you describe the ride of a VYNL in three words?

Oh. My. God.