How a bike rides tells everything about its personality, and geometry has the most direct impact on that story. This is why in addition to the threaded bottom brackets, double-pass welds, and other no-nonsense qualities, we wanted the geometry of a VYNL to be a no hype experience. We wanted something nimble enough for crits, but comfortable enough for longer days in the saddle. 

We started with short chainstays for a tight rear triangle. This gives the bike the feeling that it wants to go forwards, and on climbs that it wants to go up. 

We moved onto the angles, keeping them steep for sharp handling around corners at speed. The BB drop is a standard race height of 70mm, keeping it low enough for an "in the bike" feel without being so low you'll clip your pedals in a tight spot. 

The end result is a bike that wants to go fast. Trust us. With a collective 50+ years of racing experience on the VYNL team, we're pretty sure you'll agree.