At VYNL, we want bikes that handle poor weather commutes, dawn patrol endurance rides and post-work intervals without a flinch. Come the weekend, the same bike lines up with the best of them, ready to break for the front position, snag the prime, lead a breakaway and claim a podium step.

Aluminum is a durable upsetter. As a frame material overlooked for carbon, we are here to rally aluminum as the best material for hard riding racers. Aluminum is light, stiff and durable; ideal qualities for both the crit course or lively rides. We’re sitting down with Team CLIF Bar Cycling to reveal why these elite criterium racers love our aluminum bikes.

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I love the ride feel, stiffness and quick handling. The thru axel adds some solid stiffness. Pairing this bike with high-end wheels and tires at the right pressure allows it to rip around corners and down Colorado descents like a race bike should. The 27.2mm seat post gives a little and offers just enough comfort. This bike is designed to go fast and it does that brilliantly.”

Zack Allison – Team CLIF Bar
Stephan Hoffman's VYNL Road Rim
Team CLIF Bar’s Stephan Hoffman loves the stiffness and quick response of his Raw VYNL Road Rim.

Aluminum is great for crits because it is a very stiff and durable material that can withstand the rigors of travel and demands of racing.

Andrew Dewar – Team CLIF Bar
Bike Check 1-2: Conor's bold red VYNL road disc
Team CLIF Bar’s Conor Mullervy enjoys the response he gets when he powers the pedals of his Traffic Red Road Disc.

This is the first aluminum bike I have ridden as I have always been on a carbon frame. I was first taken back by how stiff the frame is. When I apply power to the pedals, the bike accelerates to speed super quick. The handling of the bike on descents or into corners is very stable and comfortable.

Kevin Mullervy – Team CLIF Bar

Ride on, durable upsetter!

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