Sabrina set out for a mixed surface bike that was quick on pavement yet still comfortable on dirt roads. She settled on our Road Disc with lots of snap, stopping power and tire clearance. The Illusion Pink paint makes this build a true stunner. It throws a ton of light and appears in a prism of purples to pinks in various settings.

Sabrina is 5’9″ and opted for a 53cm frame. Sabrina chose components, such as the 2x crankset and cockpit, in compact proportions to better suit a woman’s anatomy.


Sabrina built her bike with a mix of SRAM AXS Red and Force, resulting in a clean bike with just two cables that route internally. Leaning a little more pavement then off-road, this build features a 2x drivetrain. When the going gets fast, the SRAM Force HRD brakes provide an ideal balance of power and modulation. The flat mount keeps the look tidy.

Sabrina’s illusion pink all-roader has a compact cockpit with bars and stem by Ritchey from the light and reliable WCS carbon collection. The seat posts matches, of course!

Sabrina’s Road Disc rolls on Hifi EP30 Disc Carbon Clinchers, surrounded by Michelin Pro 32mm tires. The 21mm internal width of these rims are ideal for a slightly larger volume tire, making off-road detours more comfortable. The Road Disc clears the 32’s with room to spare.

Keep an eye out for this gorgeous bike on long adventures in and around Boulder, CO.


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