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VYNL Bikes are 100% made and finished in the USA. Our commitment to strictly homegrown manufacturing adds a dose of pride to each and every frame. Sure, there have been many times when turning to overseas production would have been easier or faster, but we remain true to U.S.-made aluminum bikes.

We work with the industry’s most respected fabricators and custom painters to create a small-run of our models. Each frame that comes out our door is hand built, hand finished, individually scrutinized and carefully processed between Oregon and Colorado. For this, we are excited to introduce you to Simple Bicycle Co. and Flux Customs.

Simple Bicycle Co.

Simple Bicycle Co. is a small-batch bicycle fabricator based in Portland, OR. Oscar and his team build only TIG welded frames in titanium, steel and aluminum. Simple’s limited production specializes in performance oriented road, gravel and mountain bikes. They produce frames strictly for independent brands. In fact, many of the industry’s most regarded hand built bicycles come from Simple Bicycle Co. and we’re proud to be among them.

Flux Customs

Flux Customs is a small paint shop in Denver, CO that specializes in tailored bike paint and powder coat finishes. From simple to complex, Flux Customs puts the final touch on bicycles with an extra level of perfection. We enlist Flux’s durable powder coating speciality when painting VYNL frames. Our standard colors are a single color powder while our premium colors are a two stage powder. Our unique “raw” finish is a CeraKote clear applied over the brushed raw frame, giving the look of raw aluminum but with a light and super tough ceramic coating. We also offer a custom paint option where nearly anything is achievable with the paint skills of Flux Customs. Click over to their Instagram page for some drool-worthy inspo.

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