The VYNL Bikes approach to fast bikes is a combination of tried-and-true aluminum construction and clever race-bred geometry. The result is a durable and lively ride that’s best described as fun.

Don’t be fooled, our race-bred geometry isn’t just for those pinning on numbers. Our aggressive approach to geometry is for any rider looking for a responsive and animated ride quality, on and off the course.

Race-bred geometry explained

Jump into a DIY spreadsheet or geometry comparison tool of your choice and you will find that VYNL geometries are different from our aluminum competition. The reach is a little longer and the stack is a little shorter, allowing the riding position to feel more aggressive. The combination of a classic racing 73˚ head tube angle and a reduced fork offset deliver a sweet spot between responsiveness and stability. Our chainstays are shorter and bottom brackets lower, creating a bike that drives corners.

  • Longer reach
  • Shorter stack
  • 73˚ head tube angle
  • Reduced fork offset
  • Shorter chainstays
  • Lower bb
Fast is fun

Our race-bred approach to geometry creates a competitive ride characteristic that’s precise, responsive, snappy and stiff. Crit racers value the durability of a VYNL bike. Hard-riding enthusiasts appreciate a VYNL’s quick handling. The VYNL ride characteristic can be customized with your preference of wheels, tires, stem and seat post. Our rd/disc offers a more stiff and responsive ride than our rd/rim. Whatever your flavor, every VYNL has a penchant to transfer power, rail corners and rip descents. In other words, VYNL bikes are fast and fast is fun.

Riders can expect a bike that will react quickly when the bars are turned quickly. That is, a bike with a ‘point and shoot’ sensation.


Colby Pearce of Pearce Coaching and Fitting


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